5 fab ‘tools’ for freshers seeking work

During your first weeks as a fresher at Middlesex University, spare a moment from grabbing freebies to make yourself more employable, with these 5 fab tools:

MDXworks William 2

1. Get ‘job-ready’using your MDXWorks portal

Your MDXWorks portal is packed with great resources to help you get job-ready. Use your MyUniHub ID and password to log in. You will find…



2. Prepare your CV using MDX CV Builder

You should always have an up-to-date draft of your CV ready. Once you spot a vacancy, it’s easy to tailor your CV with a few small changes. Don’t start from scratch the night before the closing-date.

  • Creating a CV is straightforward, using the MDX CV builder
  • Make sure that any skills, qualities or experience you mention are all relevant to the job. Show how you match all the requirements from the job description.
  • Avoid frilly language. Use simple plain English as much as possible and avoid generic statements like ‘able to communicate at all levels’.
  • Read our blog-post: ’10 embarrassing CV mistakes to avoid’.



3. Write your cover letter using MDX Cover Letter Builder

You’ll need an enticing covering letter to introduce your CV and catch the attention of recruiters.

  • Creating your cover letter is simple, using the MDX cover letter builder
  • Get straight to the point in your first few lines: explain why you are writing and highlighting that your CV is attached.
  • Give a brief overview of who you are, mention your aims or why you want to work for them. Focus on what you can offer them rather than what’s in it for you. Don’t use the same generic letter every time. Tailor it.
  • Read our blog-post: ‘Tips for writing a winning cover letter’.


4. Plan your elevator pitch using MDX Pitch Builder

Your elevator pitch is when you have a very short space of time to sell yourself and convince an employer to hire you (Imagine you’ve briefly got the attention of Sir Alan Sugar while sharing an elevator!)

A good pitch will be handy when talking to recruiters at jobs fairs, making speculative phone calls, and during interviews, so be prepared.


5. Get connected using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for ‘connecting’ (networking) with recruiters, potential employers, and colleagues of the past or present. You can also research or ‘follow’ companies you’d like to work for. When selecting for interview, many employers like to look at your LinkedIn profile. So if you don’t have a profile, you could be missing out.

  • Read our blog-post: ‘Perfecting your LinkedIn profile?’
  • Take a look at the helpful advice for students provided by LinkedIn (including tips on creating a profile or building relationships).
  • Make sure you use an appropriate photograph, spend time filling in each section of your profile and check everything carefully.
  • Employers will research you, so maintain a professional online presence (Have a clean-up and hide inappropriate Facebook pictures, political rants, objectionable Tweets and so-on.)
By Matt Lewis, MDX
Works On-Campus / Online, Middlesex University

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