The secret to finding a part-time job

Part-time work can provide you with valuable experience and vital funds, while still giving you time to study at Middlesex University. But finding a part-time job isn’t always easy. Here’s the secret:

Use the Jobs-board on MDXWorks

If you’re not already using  your MDXWorks portal then get on it now!  It’s packed with great resources to help you find work. Start with the MDX jobs board where you will find loads of part-time and full time opportunities. Use your MyUniHub ID and password to log in.

Some other useful jobs-boards include:

Look around your neighbourhood

There are plenty of job opportunities right on your doorstep. Brent Cross Shopping Centre offers a huge number of retail vacancies, ideal if you’re interested in fashion, food or if you just love shopping (most stores give a staff discount)!

You can also find opportunities among the shops and eateries of Hendon Central. We’d recommend that you go and drop off a copy of your CV and a cover letter in person (scrub up, give them your best smile, and be prepared to deliver your elevator pitch).

Work at MDX

You could find paid part-time work at Middlesex University as a Student Ambassador, Student Learning Assistant or Student Helper. You will find these vacancies on the MDX UniHub under ‘Working at Middlesex’

These roles can provide valuable experience and help you to develop skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and coaching skills.

Quick job-finding tips:

  • Approach companies proactively: Even if a business is not advertising any vacancies, they may still be hiring (this is known as the ‘hidden jobs market’).
  • Don’t give your full address when posting your CV on jobs-boards. For your own security, just give your location (such as, Nottingham NG16).
  • Call employers or recruitment agencies to ask if they received the CV you sent. If you can make a good impression, they’ll remember you and you’ll have a greater chance of success.
  • Remember to be polite and professional when you talk to recruiters. Get them to like you and they may give you valuable feedback, tips or insight.
  • Invest in some smart clothes for when you drop off your CV or attend any interviews. If you take a friend for moral support, make sure they’re looking sharp too!
  • Be flexible with your availability to make yourself more employable. Don’t tell employers you’d prefer not to work Saturdays because you’re usually out partying on a Friday!
By Matt Lewis, MDXWorks On-Campus / Online, Middlesex University

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