The secret to finding a graduate job

Tips and resources for graduates or final-year students:


Getting started

William which jobIf you’re not sure what you want to do when you leave university, don’t panic! Read our blog-post:  ‘How to choose the right career. It’s packed with useful tools and links to help you identify your ideal career.

Exclusive resources for graduates of Middlesex University include:


Other resources for graduates include:

  • The National Careers Service website has over 800 job profiles, including useful information such as the required skills, salary expectations, and details of how you might progress.


Finding graduate employers


To identify potential employers, you may like to start by looking at The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers. There’s a copy of the book available in the MDXWorks On-campus centre (Room CG07).

Approach companies proactively. Even if a business is not advertising any vacancies, they may still be hiring (this is known as the ‘hidden jobs market’).

You may find it helpful to read Prospects’ ‘How to write a speculative application’ or Target Jobs’ ‘Making speculative applications for graduate jobs


Top graduate job-sites

Some of the top graduate job-sites include:

Read our blog-post: ‘Are you making the most of your LinkedIn profile?’ LinkedIn also provides lots of useful guides specifically for students and graduates: The ‘Student Job Hunting Handbook’ series, includes useful tips on job-searching, networking and succeeding at interviews.

You may also like to read The Guardian guide: ‘Students: how to use LinkedIn at uni to help you get a job when you graduate’


Find a graduate job with MDXWorks

William magnifying glassUse  your MDXWorks portal: It’s packed with great resources to help you find a graduate job (log in using your MyUniHub ID). Resources include:


The MDXWorks team provides employability support to current students and recent graduates of Middlesex University. We can review your CVs, cover letters, support with applications, mock interviews or similar. If you need further support looking for a graduate job, contact us

If you’re in your final year of studies at MDX, we highly recommend that you complete your Final-Year Self-Assessment if you haven’t done so already (it only takes a few minutes). This will help MDXWorks identify what additional employability support you might need.

A friendly MDX Employment Adviser will contact you after you complete the assessment, to give you feedback and discuss how you could maximise your graduate employment prospects. To get the most from the assessment, you need to be honest with your answers!


5 quick tips

  1. Use a range of job-search approaches to maximise your chances of success. Don’t just use job-search sites, take a speculative approach, use social-media, phone-up, talk to agencies or do some networking to liven things up.
  1. Search for a broad range of job titles. Different companies may have different titles for the same role (such as Content Writer, Online Writer or Digital Writer), so don’t limit yourself to just one search, or you’ll miss out.
  1. Don’t use the same cover letter and CV for every application, tailor it. Show how you match the requirements of the role. Explain your motivation for applying to that particular organisation. Saying you want to ‘develop your skills and contribute to the business’ is too generic.
  1. Interview successRead your application carefully before you send it, and get someone else to check it too. We provide a life-long reviewing service for MDX students or graduates. Email your CVs, cover letters or applications to
  1. Stay positive! You may face a few rejections before you succeed. If you’re repeatedly getting knocked-back, make changes to your CV or try a different approach rather than doing the same thing again and expecting a different result. Always ask for feedback to find out where you are going wrong.


By Matt Lewis, MDXWorks On-Campus / Online, Middlesex University

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