Are you making the most of LinkedIn?


Ancient history alert! There have been some changes to LinkedIn since this post was published, so we’ve created a new-improved version. The original is still useful, but for all the latest tips, we recommend reading ‘Perfecting your LinkedIn profile’


LinkedIn is a really useful tool for students or graduates seeking work. Make sure you’re getting the most from LinkedIn, with help from MDXWorks.

6 cool things you can do with LinkedIn:

1. Showcase your achievements. Your LinkedIn profile is so much more than just an online CV. You can upload photos, videos and links to projects or other impressive stuff you’ve done. Make sure it’s up to date with your latest achievements and job role, to really catch the attention of recruiters.

2. Research companies and gain commercial awareness. You can ‘follow’ companies you’d like to work for, or join groups, giving you access to news, updates and useful insights. This is better than just looking at their webpage the night before your interview. Show your interest by sharing posts relevant to the industry you want to work in.

3. Networking. Grow your network of contacts by making ‘connections’ with other LinkedIn users. Find people you know and maintain contact with classmates, alumni, colleagues, recruiters and employers of the past, present and future, you never know when a connection might come in handy. You can even reach out to useful secondary connections (connections of your connections) when looking for work (see ‘cool thing’ no.5 below).

LinkedIn provides lots of useful guides to help students with networking.

4. Get job notifications. As well as browsing or searching for jobs, you can also set up your job preferences to let recruiters know that you’re currently looking for opportunities and to receive alerts about jobs which match your preferences.

5. Bypass ‘gatekeepers’. A really cool feature of Linkedin, is that when viewing vacancies, you can see which of your connections already works within a company or has contacts there. So you can by-pass the speculative ‘to whom it may concern’ letter and instead talk to someone on the inside.

6. Get exclusive opportunities from MDXWorks. We can keep you updated with the latest news and exclusive job opportunities, so make sure you connect with us on LinkedIn. If you’re a student or graduate of Middlesex University, the MDXWorks team can also provide you with a great Recommendation on LinkedIn, which recruiters can view and which could help get your graduate career off to a great start!

Simply connect with MDXWorks on LinkedIn and leave us a Recommendation and we will leave you a professional Recommendation in return. Your Recommendation would really help us to encourage other MDX students and graduates to use our helpful employability service. These simple steps explain how to leave a Recommendation on LinkedIn


How to get started

Setting up a profile on is very straightforward and it’s free. Dive straight in, and you’ll be prompted to do everything you need to get started. LinkedIn Help provides all the answers regarding how to set up your profile. Also, The Ultimate LinkedIn cheat-sheet on is a great visual guide.

To give your profile a little extra zing, you may find it helpful to read ‘The 31 best LinkedIn tips for jobseekers’ by Zabih Ullah, or Bernard Marr’s ‘How To Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You Noticed’

Useful tips for students and graduates

LinkedIn provides lots of useful guides specifically for students and graduates: The ‘Student Job Hunting Handbook’ series, includes useful tips on job-searching, networking and succeeding at interviews.

You may also like to read The Guardian guide: ‘Students: how to use LinkedIn at uni to help you get a job when you graduate’

Quick tips from MDXWorks:

We recommend that you…

  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your CV so recruiters can find it.
  • Make sure you’ve got a professional photo. We’ve heard that black-and-white headshots, with a clean white background are the most likely to get noticed by recruiters.
  • Make good use of all the available sections on your LinkedIn profile. This will help to really showcase your achievements.
  • Re-read everything carefully to check your spelling and grammar (you might find it helpful to read it out loud).
  • Provide your connections with some Recommendations and Endorsements for skills as this will encourage them to return the favour.
  • Don’t forget to connect with MDXWorks on LinkedIn and look at our ‘all-star’ profile if you need any inspiration.

Need some extra help with your LinkedIn profile?

If you’re a current student or recent graduate of Middlesex University, the MDxworks employability team can provide you with constructive feedback to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Simply get in touch, if you would like us to review your LinkedIn Profile.

If you found this blog-post helpful, you may also like to read ‘The secret to finding a graduate job’.

By Matt Lewis, MDXWorks On-Campus / Online, Middlesex University

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