How to choose the right career

If you’re not sure what you want to do when you graduate, don’t panic! Here’s how to find the right career for you:


Find out what support is available

Firstly, if you’re in your final year of study at Middlesex University, we recommend that you complete your Final-Year Self-Assessment (it only takes a few minutes). This will help MDXWorks identify what additional support you might need, to help you find a suitable graduate job.

After you complete the assessment, a friendly MDX Employability Adviser will contact you to give you feedback and discuss how you could maximise your career prospects. To get the most from the assessment, you must be honest with your answers!


Match yourself to a suitable career

Exclusively for MDX students or graduates, ‘Know your options’ lets you match your skills to a wide range of jobs and identify resources that will help you progress (Use your MDX email address and password to log in).

On the Prospects website (and available for anyone to access) is ‘What Can I Do with My Degree?’ a handy guide that helps you to consider career options that follow on from your degree. If you take the ‘What job would suit me?’ quiz you can match yourself with any of the 400 job profiles on the website.


Hear from people already in your dream job

You can watch video case studies from people that already do your ideal job, at MDXWorks Career Pathways. They’ll tell you about their career and how you could get there yourself.

If you’re searching for jobs using the MDX jobs board, you can access these case studies by clicking the video camera icon above your search results. This will bring up a list of videos from people performing similar roles to the one you’re searching for (There’s also a triple-headed icon next to it, which will show you people on LinkedIn in similar roles).


Using the MDX jobs board, you can access case-studies by clicking the video camera icon above your search results.
Access case studies on the MDX jobs board, by clicking the video camera icon above your search results.


View job profiles

You can browse job profiles on the Prospects website, searching by job title or by sector (which is very handy if you’re less certain about your options). The National Careers Service website also has over 800 job profiles, both including a lot of useful information such as required skills, salary expectations, or details of how you might progress in your career.


Need more help?

Both the Prospects website and TargetJobs website provide lots of useful guidance to help you start planning your career.

You might like to post your career questions on one of the sector-specific chat forums at or browse the discussions for great tips and insights.

If you’re a current student or recent graduate of Middlesex University, you can contact the MDXWorks team to discuss and explore your employment options. If you’re a current MDX student, you can also visit the MDXWorks On-campus team in room CG07, College Building, Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 17:00.

If you’re in your final year at MDX don’t forget to complete your Final-Year Self-Assessment as this will help us to identify what employability support you need.


The MDXWorks team would like to wish you the best of luck in your future career. If you found any of these resources particularly helpful, or if you’ve got suggestions of your own, please leave your comments below.


By Matt Lewis, MDXWorks On-campus / Online, Middlesex University 

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